Screenplay Semi-Finalist


A struggling family faces an apparent insurmountable evil ironically who’s presence is due to their own indifference and disregard for the abuse in their home.

Carmen Mosley

Carmen is a Utah native and participated in several years as a volunteer at Sundance where her love of film was reignited. Her love of film was cultivated at a young age watching Dracula, Poltergeist, and Psycho as if it were her religion. She will be pursuing a Master’s in Screenwriting in 2021. Her greatest influences are Stephen King, Hitchcock, and Tarantino. Carmen’s feature-length script was recently chosen Best US Screenplay at the Rocky Mountain International Film Festival. She loves spending time with her sweet family, traveling, and wine trips with her friends! She is currently working on her first TV Pilot Project, “Veiled”. Her screenwriting professor, at ASU, Justin Trevor Winters has inspired her and driven her to master her craft.