Screenplay Semi-Finalist


170 years in the future, a rag tag tribe of humans struggles for survival. After an apocalypse, they have lived for generations on the Eiffel Tower, where two levels are converted into farming and quarters. But an unusual drought has them starving. Many on the Tower have mutations. Monthly, a ceremony is held to decide if a child turning 4 years old is sufficiently human to stay “up top”. Kids found lacking are exiled to the ground, where they must live (or die) among the severely mutated At the ceremony, five, including tribe leaders Par and Jib, are voted to take an elevator down. They are joined by Nanky, a 4 year old girl with a long tail, whose fate hinges on her behavior on the ground. 

Alexander Julian III

Writer/Producer ALEXANDER JULIAN of Feedback Films (now Feedback Filmworks) is no stranger to winning awards on the festival circuit.  The majority of his projects have been based in NC, but he recently completed post production on his latest efforts, THE REUNION, a short drama he wrote that was shot in Austin, TX, and GIFT, a spiritual thriller he wrote, that was shot in Baltimore, MD. Al brings his lifetime experience in clinical psychology and law to the creation of teleplays, films, commercials and shorts for the past nine years. FEVER DREAMS, a full length feature film with Al as the principal writer, has won multiple awards since completion in 2019, including recently winning Best TV Series at the Peak City International Film Festival and best drama at the Long Leaf Film Festival this year. In addition, he optioned the full length thriller, THE PUPPETEER to LA-based Hammer Entertainment last year.