Screenplay Semi-Finalist


Buried beneath a collapsed building after an apocalyptic earthquake, an estranged husband and wife struggle to stay alive, praying that their companions rescue them before a horde of undead creatures tear through the rubble.

Don Stroud

Hailing from the wilds of North Carolina, Don spent his formative years drawing his own comic books, and crafting galaxy-spanning sagas with his homemade toys. After a lengthy detour with a career in the software industry, Don decided to dust off his artistic dreams and get back to creating. He became an editor in Hollywood, working on low-budget horror movies and award-winning documentaries. But after time spent playing with other peoples’ toys, Don decided to craft his own, and transfer the stories in his head to the written page. Over the last several years Don has dedicated his energies towards screenwriting, producing several almost-award-winning original screenplays in the process. His goal is a lofty one: sitting in a darkened theater and seeing his work up on the big screen.