Screenplay Semi-Finalist


Two young, successful female entrepreneurs gather new content for their web page.

Deirdre Patterson

Deirdre started writing at the age of fourteen with poems and short stories. Her love of horror, thrillers, exploitation and dark comedies also started young with watching way too many 1970s exploitation, 1980s slasher and foreign films. Obtaining a background in theater production during her college years, Deirdre then began writing staged plays. She has completed seven plays with topics ranging from a murder mystery set in the 1890s to a S/M themed disco musical. Three of her plays are in her book, Ladies and Whores: Three, Two Act Plays. In 2005, she started writing screenplays. She has completed a total of ten screenplays and has won or placed highly in over 70 competitions. Deirdre likes to mix the genres she grew up watching and putting her unique spin on the horror genre.