Screenplay Semi-Finalist


A dysfunctional family moves from Los Angeles to picturesque Murphy Springs, Colorado with hopes of a fresh start, but those plans are foiled when they discover that this quaint mountain refuge holds dark secrets that could tear them apart.

Justin Hurt

Justin Hurt is a writer/producer who has worn many hats in front of, and behind the camera in his years working in Los Angeles. He has written and produced many short films including LIFEGUARDS VS. ZOMBIES, THE OAKSTREET INCIDENT, and PROTOCOL. He has worked as a producer and researcher for television shows on networks such as FOX and HALLMARK. His latest script FEEDER won first place in the 2019 FRESH VOICES HORROR SCREENPLAY COMPETITION, and in 2020, placed as a semifinalist or finalist in the TSL FREE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION, 13HORROR, and the NOLA HORROR FILM FESTIVAL. His script is also an official selection in the HORRORHAUS FILM FESTIVAL. Other feature scripts include LIFEGUARDS VS. ZOMBIES, and ARMADILLO. He is currently working on a television pilot and treatment based on a popular series of sci-fi books.