Screenplay Semi-Finalist


CHILDREN OF THE CORN meets SHERRYBABY – A recovering addict must rescue her estranged son from an “orphanage,” which is actually a front for a dangerous cult that turns children into murderous criminals.

Marisa Forrest

Marisa Forrest is an LA transplant by way of Atlanta (after a brief stint in New York as a baby). She has Northeastern sophistication and Southern charm, and, after a few drinks, the accent to prove it. Marisa has immersed herself in the entertainment industry as a creator and consumer, voraciously watching films and television in both a historical and popular context. In her world, Parasite and the “Housewives” peacefully coexist. After beginning her career as a development executive, Marisa recently had the epiphany that screenwriting is her true calling. She is extraordinarily proud that all five of her scripts (three features and two pilots) have been awarded in multiple competitions. Marisa is insatiably curious and adores informed decisions, great punchlines, and Diet Dr. Pepper.