Screenplay Semi-Finalist


When an experimental drug induces parasomnia in a failing dancer, she begins living a wild, enviable life every night, retaining no memory of it upon waking. One day, the dancer learns that her nocturnal alter ego is doing unspeakable things.

Devi Bhaduri

Devi Bhaduri is a Chicago screenwriter and playwright. She has a masters in writing from DePaul University, and studied screenwriting at the Writers Bootcamp. Her plays have been produced by the Rasaka Theatre Company and Dramatis Personae. Devi is also a contributor to the Chicago Review of Books, where you’ll find her reviews of horror and thriller fiction. Devi’s favorite horror stories investigate the supernatural, the psychological, or murders, and come with a generous helping of suspense. She is currently co-writing a horror feature with Chelses Venkadathu for Page 7 Productions.