Screenplay Semi-Finalist

Soul Passage

Nick Faulk, a clever ex-NYPD cop turned small town detective on the verge of retirement is forced to take on one last case when his teenage daughter is abducted on a school field trip. His investigation leads him from Suburbia to the underground world of Haitian voodooism where he discovers that the kidnappers’ intentions are darker and more sinister than he could have ever imagined. In a race against time, he must suspend his conventional beliefs and accept the world of the supernatural in order to fight to save his daughter’s life.

Patrick Mediate & Kristin Ilagan

Kristin Ilagan and Patrick Mediate are writers and best friends with the goal of fusing old-school film with new-school thought through their screenplays. Kristin is a Senior Producer for Discovery ID Network. Patrick is a veteran Creative Executive, Broadway Development Director and cross-platform visual Producer. Both are Producers Guild members with over 15 years of Development and Production experience in Film, programmatic Television and Online content.