Screenplay Semi-Finalist

The Child

Things turn deadly, when a woman attempts to help a lost, mute child and her companion — a disquieting doll who appears to harbor protection schemes of her own.

Tonia Kempler

Tonia Kempler lives in New York, though her roots run deep in a rural south still steeped in the occult traditions of the Gullah Geechee and the animism of the Cherokees. Surrounded and empowered by the lore and practices of these supernatural cultures, Tonia leans toward macabre worlds with isolated, damaged, and yet capable and empathic female leads. This personal connection drives her concentration on Supernatural Horror/Thrillers, and dark comedies, including features, pilots, shorts, web series, and podcasts. Her approach to storytelling and understanding audience engagement is fortified by a career in the Music Industry, including concert production and managing Grammy Award-winning producers, engineers and songwriters.