Screenplay Semi-Finalist

The Cure

After being diagnosed with a rare brain disease that leads to madness and death, a teenager must fight for her life while trying to hold her fractured family together, and defeat an unknown entity who’s determined to attack her by any horrible means necessary.

Ashley R. Hall

Ashley R. Hall has spent the last twelve years working in film and television. Her credits include four seasons at Psych and two seasons at Castle and Complications. She also has experience writing and producing an international podcast, managing independent films, (Sympathetic Details starring the cast of HBO’s The Wire), writing narrative trailers and performing stand up comedy in Los Angeles. One of Ashley’s special talents is creating 1980’s movie moments in 2020 by accident. For example, a few years ago, she inadvertently got REO Speedwagon to play a concert at her old high school in Virginia. It’s still one of her finer moments. She’s originally from outside of Richmond, Virginia and received her B.A. in Communications and Film at Virginia Tech. She loves her dog, her family, cooking, traveling and going to Gwarbar. *Ashley loves New Orleans, and credits the gift she gave to Marie Laveau II with this and any other good fortune she may receive.