Screenplay Semi-Finalist

The Musketeers And The Zombies

The classic Alexandre Dumas action adventure novel, “The Three Musketeers,” ends in 1628. Thereafter, Aramis goes on to serve God as a Jesuit priest. Porthos, Athos and the newly commissioned lieutenant d’Artagnan move on with their lives, as well. The enmity with their number one antagonist Cardinal Richelieu remains. The malevolent Cardinal sees a chance to get The Musketeers off French soil. His spy intercepts a plea meant for King Louis from Charles St. Jacques requesting urgent help in solving the Zombie crisis on the island colony of Saint-Dominique. In “The Musketeers and The Zombies,” The Cardinal sends The Musketeers on a certain death mission to solve the Zombie crisis in this thrilling all new adventure.

Robert Cole

Robert is a Michigan native, growing up in the Detroit suburb of Warren, and is a graduate of Adrian College. His travel experience with extended stays in Spain, Argentina, and Mexico have shaped his global perspective on storytelling. Robert is a self-taught writer and his screenplays have received international accolades with over 100 official selections and awards. He is represented by Alexandra Maramenides of the Reve Agency.