Screenplay Semi-Finalist

The Nightmare Revival

An Indian-American girl home from college in the mid 90’s becomes obsessed with a late ­night horror movie show when she can’t tell if the videos introduced by the ghoulish host are snuff films or just realistic schlock. As she hunts for the source of the broadcast, the host begins to haunt her and the hallmarks of his gruesome videos start to bleed into her reality.

Christian Gridelli & Hunter Norris

Christian Gridelli & Hunter Norris have been cowriting, directing, editing, and producing video & audio content for over a decade under the moniker of DimeStore Films. In 2017, DimeStore Films released their first feature film, The Origins of Wit and Humor, which co-stars Joe Hursley (Resident Evil) & Steve Lemme (Super Troopers, Beerfest) and garnered awards on the festival circuit. More recently, Christian and Hunter wrote an episode of the Sarah Award-nominated sci-fi anthology podcast, “The Outer Reach: Stories from Beyond” and were tapped to do a complete rewrite on the forthcoming film adaptation of the Image Comics title, “Revival.” Their latest film, “Hypoxia”, a sci-fi short, will be debuting online soon after its festival run. They also have a 6 episode narrative podcast titled “No Better Lot” coming out this fall on the Modern Horrors podcast network.