Screenplay Semi-Finalist

The Scarecrow

On the eve of Halloween, a young couple venture deep into farmland on the hunt of a local legend known as The Scarecrow.

Gemma Paul

Gemma is fairly new to writing and the film industry, but it has been a long-held passion since she was a child. After several years of working in business, she left to pursue her long-held dreams of writing and making movies. After writing, and directing her first short in 2018 she quickly gained the bug and hasn’t stopped since. That first short went on to win multiple awards in the USA and was quickly followed by a second short which went on to do even better than the first. Since then Gemma has been focusing on her writing and developing several television shows. She is looking to add to her writing by delving into books as well as news and blog posts, and unleashing her creativity, knowledge and imagination to a whole new world.