Screenplay Semi-Finalist

Third Date

When a woman learns that her new boyfriend must feed her to a demon in order to survive, she chooses to cut off parts of herself to keep him, and their relationship, alive.

Avishai Wienberger

Avishai is an Orthodox Jewish award winning writer-director from New York, with a focus on horror and science fiction. He attended Maale Film School in Jerusalem for a year, followed by four years at NYU Tisch. His thesis short horror film Third Date, was licensed by Alter after screening at festivals around the country, and his feature screenplay based on that short film has garnered top awards at multiple festivals. His award-winning screenplay Drift Off was bought by Boulderlight Pictures, and his screenplay Precipice is Nicholl Fellowships semifinalist. Currently, Avishai lives in Brooklyn with his family, where he enjoys singing with his family, making chicken soup for Shabbos, and writing a ton.