Screenplay Semi-Finalist

What We See

In the wake of a family tragedy, a grieving widow must confront a dark presence lingering in their home.

Tyler Fruge

Tyler Fruge’ is a screenwriter from Los Angeles, who writes supernatural mysteries rooted in fantasy, folklore, and horror. Born and raised along the Louisiana bayou, he grew up in a rural community known as Lafayette, an area rich with legend and myth. While his work is influenced by tales of mystical entities living in the dark swamps, they’re all rooted in personal, character-driven journeys. He writes stories about people motivated by fear, yet forced to let go of their anxieties by supernatural means, and in so doing realize the things they were afraid of have been what they needed for so long. Last year, Tyler completed his feature script KINDRED SPIRITS, which placed among the top 20% of Austin Film Festival’s screenplay competition, and this past spring finished his pilot script MAGICK.