Screenplay Semi-Finalist

Zero Feet Away

With the help of a therapist and his best friends, MANDY and BEN, OSCAR is getting over a brutal breakup with his ex JASON, all of whom are the keepers of a secret: Oscar is a werewolf. Aside from one night a month spent locked to the radiator in his apartment, Oscar’s lycanthropy doesn’t really have much of an impact on his life overall, but just as Oscar starts to embrace his return to single life, seeing other guys with the aid of a popular location based hook-up app, it appears there’s a vicious KILLER zeroing in Oscar. Now with his life and the lives of those (literally and figuratively) closest to him on the line, it’s up to Oscar and his friends to put a stop to the would-be-werewolf-hunter’s rampage of death.

Jose T. Nateras

Jose Nateras is an L.A. based Actor & Writer from Chicago. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, he has an MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). A screenwriter and playwright, Jose is a contributor for The Gamer, The A.V. Club, and elsewhere. His debut novel, Testament, was released by Ninestar Press and his original horror screenplay, Departing Seniors, is currently in pre-production. Follow him on Twitter: @JoseNateras & Instagram: @JLorca13