Screenplay Semi-Finalist

10 Sinners

While on death row in a Texas prison for the serial murders of over two dozen people he deemed to be sinners, small-town minister Atticus Kane receives a visit from a mysterious stranger. This enigmatic figure, who refers to himself as The Broker, tells the Reverend Kane that hed like to offer him a deal that would allow him to continue his work. Now, twenty-five years later, on Halloween night in northern California, a group of twelve costumed college students, are lured to an abandoned mental institution believing it to be the secret location of a Halloween dance party. They are about to discover the details of The Brokers deal.

David MacLaren

David MacLaren has written, produced, and directed several award-winning short films and music videos, and has just released his first feature film, The Millionaires Club.  David’s comedy script, Tempting Quinn, has been optioned by by Jeffrey Stott with Joe Carnahan attached as executive producer.  Davids first foray into horror was with the award-winning short film Girly.