Screenplay Semi-Finalist

Evil Spirit

EMS workers rush to a call involving a dying Anthony Archfiend. As he passes, his spirit enters one of the EMS workers, Quinn. Quinn’s EMS partner, Benji, has been accepted to an electrical engineering program and uses science to explain ghosts, heaven, hell, and how Anthony’s spirit came to reside in Quinn. While visiting with family, the spirit is transferred into one of Quinn’s nephews, Owen. As Quinn returns to normal, Owen becomes more and more dangerous and aggressive. Out of desperation and as a last resort, Quinn’s sister Carolyn listens to Quinn and Benji who explain to her what they believe has happened to Owen. She is ultimately faced with the task of killing her own son in order to save him.

Glenn Lissner

Clinical Social Worker and former stand-up comedian turned writer. Glenn is a horror movie buff who holds his own 13 day horror film festival at home with his wife and two rescue mutts. The mutts don’t seem to care for the festival. After watching a stupid amount of horror flicks and having written several other screenplays, this is Glenn’s first foray into the horror genre. Like most of his work, it includes likeable characters, witty dialogue and an interesting premise that adds to the horror genre instead while playing with already established horror tropes.