Screenplay Semi-Finalist

Last One Screaming (Feature Script)

After surviving a horrific weekend at a cabin in the woods, Ashley is forced to confront life back in the real world where nobody would believe what happened to her. Meanwhile, the evil she faced regains power. Ashley is recruited by a super-secret organization called The Vigil, made up entirely of women who have survived similar events, to stop the evil once and for all. The feature script is based on a short film of the same name that played numerous festivals and won several awards.

Matthew Devino

Matt Devino is a writer-director living and working in LA on narrative, documentary, and commercial film projects. He’s directed multiple award-winning short films, including the short version of “Last One Screaming” which played at the 2018 Nola Horror Film Festival. He’s written several narrative features which he is currently working on getting into production. He also co-founded the filmmaking collective Assorted Kinds, which produces a new short film every month, and just recently wrapped production on their 20th short film. You can see more of Matt’s work at and