Screenplay Semi-Finalist


‘The North Yorkshire fishing town of Whitby comes under threat when an unconscious drug dealer with a suspicious rash is discovered below the sea wall the night before the town’s biggest event of the year: THE WHITBY GOTH WEEKEND!! The dealer regains consciousness the next day to discover that the rash is in fact a parasite that has latched onto his bones and is feeding off him and growing under his flesh into something resembling your common Mussel. He escapes in a panic and so Detective Louise Bloom must give chase sparking a series of horrific events as the parasite threatens to spread throughout the town. With the help of out of town marine biologist Cockburn Lou must try and stop these tiny monsters as 20,000 goths descend on the place.’

Mark A.C. Brown

Mark has recently completed the festival and cinema run of Guardians his debut feature as writer/director. Over it’s run it won 31 awards. His script Harmony is currrently in pre-production (director – Phil Haine) and he is writing two features for Goldfinch Studios and 365 Flix international. His previous successes include Best Unproduced Screenplay (Coldfall)  – NOLA New Orleans Horror Film festival 2017, Best Screenplay (Guardians) – Genreblast Film Festival 2017 & Ramsgate Film Festival 2018 and a nomination for Best Genre Script (Limpet) at the Austin Revolution Film Festival 2019.