Screenplay Semi-Finalist

The Housesitter

A struggling writer discovers the gruesome corpse of a once famous 1940s starlet in a decrepit house and attempts to uncover the woman’s dark past before an evil specter kills everyone connected to the investigation.

David Palamaro

In 2014, Writer/Director Dave Palamaro directed In Heaven There Is No Beer, a music documentary that Film Threat called, “One of the best films of the year”. Dave’s second feature film was Murder Made Easy, a one location murder/mystery which was released by Terror Films and Scream Team Releasing in 2019. Horror Society called Murder Made Easy, “American Psycho meet Clue”. And Indie Horror Online said that Murder Made Easy “Would make Agatha Christie proud”. Dave Palamaro’s short film, Grandfather, was nominated for a Student Academy Award.

Suju Vijayan

Writer/Director Suju Vijayan’s debut feature film, The Playback Singer, is an award winning drama that was released in 2013. She is also a writer for numerous award winning scripted and non-scripted television shows.