Screenplay Semi-Finalist


In the days before the beginning of the French Revolution, young poet, Jean-Louis, toils as a butcher’s apprentice. His heart belongs to the beautiful and dangerous Madeleine. She, however, is smitten with the vampire Comte Henri de Morlane as she prefers the wealth of the aristocracy and the promise of everlasting life. Heartbroken at the loss of Madeleine, Jean Louis throws himself into the furor of the revolution and is killed during the storming of the Bastille. Fast forward to today; Paris is rife with social upheaval once again. Madeleine is now Yvonne, still beautiful, a sadomasochistic femme fatale. De Morlane, has morphed into firebrand intellectual Gerard Thibauld. They’ve infiltrated the Occupy movement, sucking the blood of the oppressed, subverting the cause. Jean Louis is reincarnated as Theodore, a rock and roller, working as a morgue assistant. He encounters Yvonne, beginning a obsession. Gerard sees Theodore as a scapegoat for their terrorism. Theodore is a musical genius. His old band invites him back. His love of music is matched by his obsession for Yvonne. He has a flashback to his previous life in Paris, giving meaning to their karmic meeting. His friend Victor realizes the menace of the vampires is at critical mass. “We must save humanity. In the minutes before the concert of a lifetime, Theodore lures Yvonne and Gerard into a trap where he kills them and stops the vampire epidemic. He makes it to the concert in the nick of time and the band puts on an epic performance.

Robert Cole

Robert is a Michigan native, growing up in the Detroit suburb of Warren, and is a graduate of Adrian College. His travel experience with extended stays in Spain, Argentina, and Mexico have shaped his global perspective on storytelling. Robert is a self-taught writer.  His screenplays have received 80 international awards and selections.  2019 is picking up where 2018 left off which was an amazing year of global recognition for his screenplays and TV pilots.